Center Rules

  • We offer flexible check-in time (8:00am – 9:00am) in summer program, for your child’s safety, all parents must sign in and out for your kids. If you need someone pickup your child, please contact the center immediately.  No unauthorized person is allowed to pickup your child.
  • All students must be wear clean cloth and comfortable shoes (no sandals) in summer program.
  • School code cloth are allowed in after school program.
  • During recess time, no running inside the center, we will provide some interactive games and other entertainment.
  • To ensure a quite study environment for your child and other children, we ask the parents to not stay inside of the classroom during class hours. If you like to have a sit-in session, please contact the center.
  • Center only provides lunch in our summer camp, we charges $4.00 per meal. Lunch time will be held on 12:00 – 12:30. The weekly menu will be post on in our front desk on each Monday. If you will bring your own lunch, please write your child’s name in the lunch bag.
  • Snack time:  G.G.L.C will only provide non-peanut butter snack around 3:00 pm each day.  Your children are welcome to bring their own bottle water and snacks. (please place the name in a snack bag).
  • Our center is closed on 6:30 pm. Please pick up your children on time. We do charge $1.00 per minutes for the overtime.
    • Parents will get all of your child’s completed project and homework every Friday (after school program) or every day (summer program). If you have any question or suggestions, please notify our center through writing or e-mail.

Sick and Injuries

  • If your child is sick (cold, fever or others), please call the center and take the day off.
  • If your child is sick in the center, we will contact the parents or the emergency contact person.
  • If your children need take any medication, please give it to the center and the detail instruction on the usage and schedule.
  • Any other emergency injuries, we will notice you immediate; and we will also contact your physical family doctor or hospital the same time.

Misbehaved Students

  • For those misbehaved students, we will segregate the student from the classroom until he/she’s back to a controllable state. Student will then return to the classroom. If the condition doesn’t get improved, we will consider terminating the class for the remaining day and notifying the parents.
  • For those frequently emotional students, we will communicate with the parents regarding to student’s situation and work with parents to understand the student in order to improve the condition.
  • If the condition continues after all above, our center will consider discontinuing all the remaining class for the individual. You will receive a refund for the tuition of the remaining uncompleted classes.
  • For any damages caused by the student, parents are responsible for proper repair or replacement.