Weekend Enrichment Program

G.G.L.C Center is institutions specialized in tutoring English, Mathematics, Chinese, and drawing for both enrichment and remedial purposes. Students come to us once a week for 45 – 60 minutes per subject.  Our weekend program is separated into four quarters every year.  Each session included three month lessons.

To enrolling the program, kids need to sign up for at least one session (one quarter).  please fill and print the forms below with $65 non-refundable registration fee.

Our zoom class are:

  • Enhances intensive learning through one to one, or two
  • Suitable for preschoolers to Eight grade students (K-8)
  • Evaluates student progress through weekly assessments
  • call or email us for detial information and schedule.

Math Program

  • Arithmetic                                   算术
  • Pre-Algebra                                代数学前知识
  • Algebra                                       代数学
  • Geometry                                   几何学
  • Problem Solving                       问题解决
  • Trigonometry                            三角法
  • Pre-Calculus                              微机分学前知识

English Program

  • Vocabulary                                 词汇
  • Spelling                                       拼写
  • Grammar                                    语法
  • Reading Comprehension         阅读理解
  • Sentence Structure                   句子结构
  • Paragraph Structure                段落结构
  • Creative Writing                       创造性写作
  • Essay Writing                            文章写作

Chinese Program

  • Character and vocabulary      词汇
  • Conversation                            会话
  • Reading Comprehension       阅读理解
  • Sentence Structure                 句子结构
  • Paragraph Structure              段落结构
  • Essay Writing                          文章写作

Drawing Program

  • Water Color
  • acrylic painting
  • pencil sketch